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If you achieve the goals listed below your name will be posted on the North Haven Lacrosse Website under WALL OF FAMERS if.....You can make the following consecutive  Throw – Catch - Switch.
    25    For players entering grade 4 and below 
    50    For players entering grade 6 and below
    100  For players entering grade 8 and below
    150  For players entering grade 10 and below
    200  For players entering grade 11 and above
   Stick Wizard designation for 500 TCS’s
    (Can be done on different days)
Verification: We will now recognize the honor system for achieving recognition on the wall of Fame.
Contact Paul Campanelli when you have made a required goal!
High School Varsity players are expected to do the required work to make this wall, especially all captains. Any captain that makes the Wall Of Fame will have a red letter C placed in front of their name.

No, the Wall of Fame is not for everybody. The Wall is only for players who want superior stick skills and are willing to work to gain them.
          Remember, it all starts with ten in a row!!!!

1. Boys; gloves are mandatory

2. Girls; gloves are optional (if you wear them during a game wear them during practice)

3. Any wall is fine, but a smooth surface at least 10 feet tall is optimum (concrete, block). Gateway Community College has a great wall just North of the Tennis Courts.

4. Stand approx.12-15 feet from the wall

5. Do not let the ball hit the ground

6. Pass and catch in the area above your shoulder; to the right or left of your head

Other drills:

7. Develop you own routine: if space is big enough jog down the wall while passing. Jog while catching to the right then reverse. Behind the head catching. Bounce pass catching.

8. Pass and catch with the wall by having the ball being either passed or caught in an unconventional manner or less than perfect spot. Less than perfect passes happen in EVERY game…get ready. Be the best you can be…… regardless of conditions.

Practice does not make perfect

Perfect practice makes perfect

Great study habits, healthy diet, plenty of rest, dedicated practice, time management, and the willingness to sacrifice = success.

Please make sure you do not throw at or damage any building property including lights, windows or doors!!!! 

Good luck with your lacrosse season